TAM –the burden of antibiotic resistance and high treatment costs leads to a large addressable market with a high unmet medical need

  •  Women with menstrual cycles (Menstrual TSS)
  • Patients recovering from surgery
  • Patients with viral infection
  • Patients with wounds
  • Medical personnel
  • Chronic diseases which compromise the immune system (diabetes, dialysis, etc.)
  • Reduced immune response (age > 50)

• Half of the female population are of reproductive age: 1.95 billion women globally
• Epidemiology studies of
mTSS performed confirm the mTSS association with
tampon use and case numbers being 1 2/100K in developed countries
• Toxic shock syndrome can lead to death in 30% to 70% of cases

Menstrual TSS (mTSS) – a dangerous threat in numbers