BPFO22: A drug substance that promotes hemostasis

For several years, Bio&Bio has explored the molecular mechanisms that govern the hemostatic properties of activated and non-activated prothrombin complexes and has sought to develop new drug substances with pro-hemostatic and non-thrombogenic properties.

Bio&Bio’s research team discovered that prothrombin derivative BPF022 has excellent hemostatic properties in mice and in rabbits. Wessler tests suggest that BPF022 has negligible thrombogenic potential. BPF022 is expected to have superior hemostatic properties in humans over existing therapy options. BPF022 has potential for becoming the recombinant alternative to prothrombin complex concentrates.

About BPF022

BPF022 is a recombinant alternative to prothrombin complex concentrates.
The objective of the BPF022 development program is to make a medicinal product available that promotes hemostasis and contains a clearly defined active ingredient.
BPF022 is a prothrombin derivative that can either be obtained from human plasma by enzymatic cleavage or be manufactured by recombinant DNA technology.
Rabbit studies also clearly demonstrated that BPF022 has significant efficacy in the reversal of direct factor Xa inhibitor-induced anticoagulation in vivo.


Market potential of BPF022

Massive or uncontrollable bleeding may lead to significant morbidity and mortality. 

BPF022 has potential for a superior therapy option over activated and non-activated prothrombin complexes and activated factor VII. BPF022 promises to have high commercial value and an excellent future viability as an active ingredient of a hemostatic medicament to be potentially used in several difficult-to-treat bleeding situations. 

BPF022 is expected to have properties that allow hemostasis to be better controlled than by activated and non-activated prothrombin complex concentrates and activated factor VII. Summarizing, BPF022 has potential for being a new paradigm for the treatment of acute bleedings.


Patent situation

To claim priority, a patent application for the specific use BPF022 to promote hemostasis was filed. The European Search Report confirms novelty and inventiveness.



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